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I started this company in 2010 when I wanted to stay home with my then 3 and a half-year-old son. I had been working in retail management for over 15 years for companies such as Lowe's, Kohl’s, House-2-Home, and Home Base. The pay was great, but I was searching for a way to spend more time with my son while I could, so  I started cleaning on my own.

Soon, another mom from school approached me and said she was also looking for a way to support her family with the flexibility to work around her children's schedules. We started working together for 4 days a week. Who knew that cleaning other people's homes could be so rewarding?

The time with other moms was also great for my young mom's soul. We were having fun, and we were willing to help with whatever the client needed. That's where the name came from. We were the Go-To Crew for anything you needed at home- from organizing, laundry & cleaning to helping decorate for holidays or parties, cleaning up afterward- we've done it all! 

Fast forward to today, and we've been through a lot of changes! In 2020 we hired 9 employees, and we are still working with a handful of independent contractors who help us with carpets, light handyman work, hauling and windows sometimes.  We are truly about serving and shaping our community.

Our Approach

After years of hard work, my body began to show signs of damage.  Store bought chemicals with  fragrances began to give me headaches and make me feel sick to my stomach. Switching to all natural cleaning products has had a huge impact on my health and my symptoms.  Since making the switch to natural products, my symptoms have dramatically improved and we are creating a ripple effect with Green Cleaning!  I am thrilled to teach people how they can clean their environments with with things that will benefit our earth and keep it healthy for years to come. 

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