The dishcloth isn’t just for dishes!

The magic in this little cloth is unending, I first fell in love with it cleaning a gas range top. Today I discovered I can wrap it around my finger and scrub inside the drain strainer in my sink. The hole is very small, so before when I used my sponges it wouldn’t go all the way inside to the edges. I am so in love with this little cloth, do you get as excited as I do about cleaning?! 🤣 The fact that it comes in a 12-pack is machine washable and affordable makes me want to use it here, there and everywhere! The job it does scrubbing compared to a conventional sponge or dishcloth is unreal, this is the difference I often say you can “FEEL”! Try it, tell us what you think! The weave on the cloth is smaller than our 12X12 Go-To Cloth and they work well together, especially when needing to scour or scrub in tight areas. 12-pack dishcloth, $13, I have them in-stock and ready for pickup, or you can ship them right to your door!


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