“Arroyo Lupine"

Lupinus succulentus 

Height: 2-4 ft 

Spread: 3 ft


The Arroyo Lupine, is a beautiful California Native showcasing purple flowers. This annual herb requires moist clay or heavy soil in full sun. It has a slight fragrance in the garden. For planting, sow seeds into the soil at least 3 feet apart. When seeds fall after bloom, they will reseed themselves on the ground, or can be collected for sowing next season. It requires low watering. The Arroyo Lupine will flower in Winter in Spring in the colors of blue, lavender and white. It is host to over 50 butterfly and moth species, some of which include West Coast Lady, Painted Lady, Gray Hairstreak, Orange Sulphur, Silvery Blue and Acmon Blue. 

Arroyo Lupine

Arroyo Lupine

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