Black Mammoth Sunflower- 

Height :108-144 inches 

Spread: 36-40 inches 

This is a favorite throughout Northern America! It’s planted yearly by seeds, and the plants can tower up to 12’ tall. It’s loved by humans, birds and of course butterflies, moths and bees. It can be resown in soil throughout the year, when there is no danger of frost. Place in well drained soil 10 inches apart and in FULL SUN!!!! This works well partnered with other plants like milkweed, rosemary, and sages to create the ultimate butterfly habitat! 


This is a favorite to create a sunflower meadow as well. 


Allow the seed head to tip over and dry on the stalk to be able to replant the seeds next spring. The stalks can be repurposed to help support a vine later. 


Black Mammoth Sunflower Seeds

  • Host to :

    • American Lady,
    • Silvery Checkerpot
    • Gorgone Checkerspot

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