“Black Sage”

Salvia mellifera

Height: 3-6 ft 

Spread: 10 ft


This sage is popular as a nectar plant for butterflies and bees.  It’s a California Native and extremely drought tolerant, making it the water-saving addition to your butterfly garden. Not only, is it pretty and perky with its dark appearance, the Black Sage has a pleasant fragrance that will lighten up the atmosphere around your garden. For planting, sow seeds outdoors in late fall, either in the ground 10 feet apart, or in a large pot. Lightly water until roots are established. The shrub will flower in winter, spring, and summer in white, blue, and lavender colors. It is host to two confirmed butterflies and moths, the Gray Hairstreak and Pherne Subpunctata.

Black Sage

Black Sage

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