This little gem helps you reach all the nooks and crannies with it's bendable, rigid frame threaded aluminum 6' telescoping handle!  It can reach through the wrought iron details and light fixtures with ease. The cover comes on and off and is machine washable. This is also able to be attached to the mop frames. 
Included:(1) Flexible High Duster Wand(1) Chenille Microfiber High Duster Cover(2) 12x12 All Purpose Microfiber Cloth(1) Threaded Aluminum Telescoping Handle

The Go To Gadget Kit

  • To obtain the maximum life of your microfiber products, please follow these instructions:

    • No Heat in the dryer!
    • No Fabric Softeners!

    Washing at Home:

    • Use mild detergent
    • Use only warm or hot waterA
    • bsolutely no fabric softeners or bleach at all.
    • If possible, wash only microfiber products together. If you add anything made of cotton, the microfiber will pick up the lint. If you must mix, please use non-linting sythetics.

    Hand Washing:

    • Use hot water and mild detergent.
    • Rinse thoroughly.
    • Air dry if possible.
    • If using a dryer, set on air or low heat.
    • Again, dry only microfiber products together.

    Microfiber is the new technology that really does make cleaning easier, it's the science behind it that makes the difference. You can read more about that here in this article by "Explain That Stuff"

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